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Designed for Business

Designed for Business is our internal process for taking your complex business challenges and turning them into clear solutions that have a lasting positive impact on the bottom line. It’s applied to every problem we seek to solve and is tried and tested to give a rapid, robust diagnosis and cure.

Five steps to clarity


We learn your objectives, understand your audience and assess any existing collateral…


…from which we can design a package of material…


…which is thoroughly reviewed…


…allowing a range of implementation actions to be put in place…


…followed up with an evaluation of effectiveness.

Designed for Business is a unique process. It allows us to be the polar opposite of a slow, expensive consultancy that leaves you with nothing but a hefty report. It is swift, in-depth and rigorous. It gives you practical actions that can be applied immediately and we work with you to see them through. 

We find this robust process is attractive to clients who truly want to be innovators. They don’t just want to be the best in their class, they want to be seen to be the best.