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We have formed strategic partnerships with companies whose specialist services are natural extensions of our own offering.

Add Energy is an international consultancy providing specialised engineering and proprietary software solutions to the energy industry.

Together we've created IQ2, a process designed to optimise asset performance.

Designtastic offers expertise in branding, graphic design and visual communications for the corporate market from its base in Aberdeen, UK.

Together we've created AppShot, a 5-stage process for turning spreadsheets into simple, useful custom web applications (apps).

Inverroy Crisis Management equips businesses to be ready for, able to respond to and then recover from major accidents and disruptive events.

Together we’ve created READY – Active Business Resilience, a four stage process designed to review, create and manage your own organisational crisis resilience.

PROCYON are a UAE based business improvement specialist offering best in class multi-discipline training and innovative business process and technology solutions to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states and beyond.

White Cube Consulting is a specialist human resources, training & development and recruitment consultancy.

Together we've created Talent Plus, a toolset that covers all aspects of talent management.