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Our Partnership with Add Energy

Add Energy is an international consultancy providing specialised engineering and proprietary software solutions to the energy industry. Together we've created IQ2, a new asset optimisation process combining the best in investigation, root cause analysis, and performance strategy development.


The IQ2 process uses proven methods to identify the systemic root causes of performance issues and devises corrective and preventative actions.

✓ Solutions across assets

✓ Low risk approach

✓ Prioritisation through return on investment

✓ Qualitative root cause analysis

✓ Quantitive performance analysis

✓ Preventive actions


Review and selection 
Client identifies under-performing assets and IQ2 will pinpoint and select the specific equipment, process, production, people and integrity problem areas for further analysis and optimisation.

The IQ2 performance review, through its quantitative and qualitative analysis, will result in an intelligent sift of all issues to identify those key systemic failures and clusters. The identified systemic issues will be subject to a full investigation and analysis process to understand the root causes of multi asset / multi system failures and under-performance.

IQ2 will identify solutions to resolve chronic issues which have negatively impacted production, safety and reliability. These solutions will deliver the return on investment required to justify the long term commercial case for embarking on the identified improvement programme.

IQ2 offers free asset screening for suitability.