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Our Partnership with Inverroy Crisis Management

Inverroy Crisis Management equips businesses to be ready for, able to respond to, and recover from major accidents and disruptive events. Together we’ve created READY – Active Business Resilience, a four stage process designed to review, create and manage your own organisational crisis resilience.


Using our unique mix of experience, creativity and practical tools, READY – Active Business Resilience can help you identify risks and give you the capability to mitigate, react, respond and recover.

A collaborative process from start to finish:


Review and Assess
Our Healthcheck Tool examines the readiness of your existing resilience capability and generates a set of resilience HotSpots (vulnerabilities).


Designing Resilience
A prioritised improvement plan is created and feeds into a clear, concise and engaging organisational resilience / business continuity plan.


Capability Building
A blend of Awareness Workshops, Commander Training, e-Learning Packages, Communications (Noticomm®) and Crisis Training (Sixth Sense) enables your people to respond confidently to a crisis.


Confirms that you are ready to deal with risks now and in the future through a mix of experiential validation, a Horizon Scanning Workshop and a Capability Assessment Tool.