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Complex QA/QC spreadsheet replaced by visually engaging app for an oil and gas operator in the UK North Sea


Responding to the challenge of reducing the number of materials and equipment delivered to the wrong standard or poor quality, the client produced a complex, multi-variable spreadsheet to detail QA/QC requirements for all possible purchases as part of a revised process.

The variables involved understanding the requirements of a new QC surveillance system and standardised QA codes to be applied during procurement. The client produced a large spreadsheet running to thousands of individual data points to isolate the one item a purchaser would need. It proved virtually impossible to follow.

AppShot Solution

Using our unique 5-stage AppShot process, we devised an intuitive and engaging interface. It allows the end user to access the data they need by simply visually identifying the equipment and material they need from a category disc, then reading off the key data they need to know.

It avoids the need to trawl a spreadsheet, segregating the information they alone needed. Users on and offshore can access it easily on the company intranet. It can also be deployed as a stand-alone look-up tool on any device.


  • Key information for end users is visualised simply and clearly.
  • Based on performance improvements from the initial roll out in platform operations and subsea, the tool was expanded to cover drilling and well services.