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Efficiency gains from app create more time for effective HS&E activities for major engineering construction contractor


The client had completed a paper and spreadsheet-based exercise to identify HS&E requirements across its contract types and contract stages. This identified mandatory and advisory activities and tools which were input into a spreadsheet.

The logic to identify the correct combination of HS&E requirements was exceptionally complex and virtually impossible for users of the spreadsheet to navigate. 

AppShot Solution

Using our unique 5-stage AppShot process, we created a simple, engaging and intuitive interface using sliders. Users simply select three criteria: contract type, contract stage and area of interest, and the relevant HS&E activities and tools are displayed instantly.

The app is hosted on the client’s intranet, but can also be used offline so that personnel in the field can gain access to the information via laptop and mobile devices.


  • Complex HS&E requirements shown in a simple visual display and are instantly downloadable
  • Users spend less time tracking down tools and more time implementing HS&E activities.
  • Gains from using the app have led to the development of associated tracking and progress add-ons to further increase efficiency.