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Organisations need to fully understand the real root causes of issues they face and how to prevent them happening again. COMET is our unique toolkit for investigation, root cause identification and prevention. It enables you to solve issues and maximise performance.


Step 1 Investigation: The SID-Grid

Unlike other systems that focus only on root cause analysis, COMET offers an end-to-end, process, founded on investigative forensic practices. The COMET process starts by setting out the Significant Investigation Data (SID) Grid, enabling you to focus on uncovering all the relevant facts to form the basis of a rigorous investigation.


Step 2 Barrier Evaluation: COMET Lenses

Understanding the barriers or control measures that are designed to protect your people and assets, but which failed or were missing, is key to understanding what caused the incident / performance loss. Using COMET Lenses, you will be able to evaluate failed and missing barriers that are specific to your sector and organisation e.g. safety, environment, quality and equipment.


Step 3 Change Evaluation

When a planned task or activity that has been performed routinely in the past without any issues suddenly fails or goes wrong, something has changed. COMET Change Evaluation helps you to understand the origin of adverse change/s that are relevant to the incident / performance loss.


Step 4 COMET Factors

COMET Factors are the failures, errors or shortfalls that directly contributed to the incident / performance loss or made its consequences worse. The identification of COMET Factors is a key step in pinpointing root causes. COMET Factors enable you to identify what went wrong before root causes reveal why things went wrong.


Step 5 Root Causes: COMET Root Maps

Root causes are revealed by analysing COMET Factors across COMET’s five unique Root Maps…

Operating environment

…to discover how each of them influenced the incident / performance loss. COMET Root Maps help you to pinpoint why things went wrong by intuitively and efficiently guiding you to the most relevant root causes from a pre-defined list


Step 6 Preventive Action: Action Prompts

COMET supports the investigator with a unique set of SMARTER (Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Reasonable /Relevant, Timely, Effective, Reviewed) preventive action prompts for each root cause. Based on years of delivering effective action plans, COMET prompts help you create your preventive action plan. COMET preventive action prompts provide a spectrum of effective and creative actions designed to achieve both short and long term prevention goals.

What makes COMET different?

Traditional root cause analysis tends to divert effort to analysis based on less than rigorous investigation, resulting in uncoordinated or skewed preventive actions. The COMET process is unique. It recognises that emphasis on the ‘Discover’ phase of event investigation generates high quality input data and gives you a solid foundation for making sound decisions for future prevention.

COMET can be customised for your organisation with an integration package that includes brand alignment, in company barrier evaluation lens creation, custom scenario building and even the creation of corporate Investigation Management Standards.

COMET 60 has been specifically designed to complement the COMET process and is deployed when initial assessment categorises an incident as “Level 1 – Low Consequences”. The COMET 60 process gives you a meaningful investigation and effective preventive actions in 60 minutes.


COMET can be applied to any situation where you need to know why something went wrong and want to prevent it happening again.

Safety incidents

Safety incidents

Environmental incidents

Environmental incidents

Project reviews

Project reviews

Business strategy failures

Business strategy failures

Performance improvement

Performance improvement

Process failure

Process failure

Market / product failure

Market / product failure

Equipment failure

Equipment failure

Customer care

Customer care

COMET’s unique investigation techniques are available as an Enterprise web application – COMET Root App.


Simple, intuitive graphics keep the focus where it should be – diagnosing root causes to achieve performance improvement

On-screen tips and alerts steer investigators through the process

One-click reporting

Integration with HS&E applications e.g. Synergi Life, Enablon

Data encrypted to international standards e.g. GDPR

No software to install or upgrade

Enterprise subscription prices dependent on your organisation’s storage and security requirements.



Them Money

No flexibility

Them Flex

One size fits all

Them Size

Licensed software

Them Monitor


Us Piggy

Cost effective

Us Integrate

System integration

Us Staying

Rollout support and communication

Us App

Secure web app

Us Process

Unique diagnostic tools

Us 60

Lite option for category 1 incidents

Us Training

ECITB accredited COMET training