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HS&E Performance Improvement Toolkits

STC Global has developed a suite of innovative HS&E products designed to help you address the issues that affect you most. They focus on embedding learning in your organisation and place control of roll-out with you, not with a third party provider.

Each comes with a customisable communication campaign using your HS&E identity to get important messages across to your target audience in an interesting and thought provoking manner. Where an HS&E identity is missing, we can create that too, providing strategic direction as you strive to deliver the function effectively to entire supply chains.

Our products focus on…

Raising awareness, exploring behaviours and attitudes, and creating personal actions.

All are simple to adopt and cost effective – demonstrations and references are available on request.


Separate communication & learning tools

Them Two

Restrictive classroom training

Them Class

Generic e-learning

Them Monitor

No measurable outcomes

Them Stats

Uninspiring branding and comms materials

Them Boring


Us Process

Proven system embeds change first time round

Us Time

No classroom training – minimal downtime

Us Custom

Customised content mirrors your business

Us Pin

Capture commitment and actions for future improvements

Us Lightbulb

High quality communication material

Us Piggy

No upgrade/renewal costs

Us Person

Delivered by your nominated person(s)