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COMET Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

(ECITB accredited)


COMET Investigation and Root Cause Analysis (ECITB)

£595 excl. VAT
2 days

Jan Feb Mar Apr
  14 - 15
  16 - 17
May Jun Jul Aug
  13 - 14
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19 - 20
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COMET Investigation and Root Cause Analysis (ECITB)

£595 excl. VAT
2 days

14 - 15

16 - 17

13 - 14

19 - 20

12 - 13

Our COMET training programme is structured around the COMET process:

Module 1 – Overview of Incident Investigation
Understanding what is an incident, what is an investigation, why we conduct an investigation, and introducing the Significant Investigation Data (SID) grid.

How we prepare by controlling the immediate aftermath of an incident and categorising the incident. How we conduct an effective investigation of the incident. How we conduct a barrier analysis to identify failings.

Module 2 – Scene Management & Equipment
Making a scene safe, stable and secure. The key items required to conduct an investigation. Capturing equipment information.

Module 3 – Human Factors
How job factors, organisational factors and individual factors come together to influence an incident, and how to detect them.

Module 4 – History & Documents
The importance of paper trails and how to recover, validate, retain and review documentary evidence.

Module 5 – Profiles & Witness Interviews
Applying the PRISM model to interviewing witnesses. Skills in observing, questioning and body language.

Module 6 – Barrier Analysis
Using barrier analysis to understand what failures led to the incident, and to help identify gaps in the investigation.

Applying the COMET factors to the COMET root maps to lead us towards the root causes.

Module 7 – Identifying COMET Factors
Extracting from the SID grid the shortfalls which directly contributed to the incident.

Module 8 – Using COMET Rootmaps
Applying the COMET factors to the 5 COMET root maps to produce the root causes of the incident.

Developing effective preventive actions to address the root causes.

Module 9 – Creating Preventive Actions
Structured approach to exploring effective actions to address the root causes from the COMET root maps.