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Our Partnership with Designtastic

Designtastic offers expertise in branding, graphic design and visual communications for the corporate market from its base in Aberdeen, UK. Together we've created AppShot, a 5-stage process for turning spreadsheets into simple, useful custom web applications (apps).


We speak to customers every day who use spreadsheet software, like Excel, for tasks it wasn’t designed for and carry on using it because they haven’t found a suitable alternative. We solve this problem by using AppShot to turn spreadsheets into simple, useful custom web applications (apps).


Apps offer numerous advantages over spreadsheets:

✓ Custom designed with intuitive interfaces that users love

✓ Interactivity and clear data visualisation brings information to life

✓ Deployed on your intranet, in Sharepoint for instance, or on your website

✓ Simultaneous, permission-based access for multiple users

✓ Reports generated and shared easily

✓ Fully responsive for use on desktop, tablet and smartphone

✓ Security, permissions and branding set to your preferences

✓ Authentication options including standard Office 365 credentials

AppShot is a 5-stage process


Purpose of the app and its potential value to the business, user and IT requirements, features and functionality, team, timescale, deployment, training and budget.


User interface with corporate branding and intranet environment.


Build and test. Training.


Soft launch with designated users followed by general launch. Internal comms campaign.


Evaluate the user experience. Quantify and report on the value gained from the app. Technical support.

The upshot of AppShot is people accomplishing tasks and making decisions quickly and confidently!