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STC Global sends offers, news and product and service updates by email to its customers and to people who opt in to our mailing list by giving us their email address. We treat everyone’s details with the utmost care and never share them with other companies for marketing or any other purposes. You can ask us to update your preferences or remove your details at any time. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

Products & Services

Our products and services are applicable across organisations from operations to support functions, and across markets including energy, property, construction, transportation and manufacturing. We offer 250 combined years of experience of helping clients do better business.

COMET Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis

Unique event investigation, root cause analysis and incident prevention toolkit.
Uses proven investigation techniques grounded in forensic practices.
Uses unique COMET root maps to isolate root causes.
Assists in creating preventive actions.

Process Design & Delivery

We map your process into a single field of view.
We name it, brand it and provide communications collateral.
We make the process accessible and integrate it with your existing systems.
We overcome resistance to change by selling the benefits through training and support.

HS&E Performance Improvement Toolkits

Raises awareness of HS&E issues using typical examples.
Explores underlying reasons, especially behaviours and attitudes.
Creates personal actions.
Customised communication campaigns.