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Customised Training

We offer an extensive range of customised in-house training options. Course content is shaped around your challenges and objectives and uses real scenarios, tools and processes from your business. All are available on a day rate basis and can be delivered to audiences worldwide.

ECITB Means Business: An Introduction to Commercial Awareness

A series of three Engineering & Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) accredited sessions held over one day, Means Business is a simple way for operational staff to understand the ways in which they can effect the commercial success of an engineering and construction project, contract and company. Each delegate will be issued with a learning pack to help them explore commercial awareness.

The theme of the learning package is to look at key aspects of commercial awareness from two perspectives: from that of the business and from that of an individual employee. Each perspective is broken down into three clearly defined topics:

Session 1 – the business of contracts.
Session 2 – the business of money.
Session 3 – the business of performing.

Resilience Training

STC Global Maritime’s resilience training comprises an onshore training course for facilitators followed by an engagement programme for crews. Our training course enables your facilitators to implement the engagement programme which we customise for your organisation.

Course topics – understanding resilient characteristics; managing frustration and gaining perspective; shifting mindsets and unblocking barriers to decision-making.

Engagement programme – engagement tools e.g. contextual scenarios, resilience profilers and personal action plans; detailed plans for face-to-face sessions; qualitative feedback and measurement.

Safety Leadership Training

A series of six sessions held over one day, this workshop is designed to assist the development of a world class safety culture by encouraging attendees to become effective safety leaders within their own spheres of influence.

Session 1 – an introduction to safety leadership.
Session 2 – consequences.
Session 3 – organisational culture.
Session 4 – communication.
Session 5 – keeping authority and respect.
Session 6 – safety coaching and giving feedback.

ECITB International Health & Safety Passport

Our ECITB accredited International Health & Safety Passport courses ensure that site personnel worldwide have reached a recognised level of health & safety knowledge and awareness to enable them to work safely on site.

Foundation course (1 day) – this is a one day ECITB International Health & Safety Passport Foundation course, dealing generically with safe working practices including elementary behavioural safety practice. It is suitable for all members of a workforce.

Advanced course (2 days) – the ECITB International Health & Safety Passport Advanced course is based on the course that is hugely successful in the UK, with over ½ million workers trained since 1990. The content can be localised to reflect the country or region where the workforce will operate. The training is also designed to support the specific site induction that employees will receive on large industrial complexes.

Supervisor course (1 day) – this one day course will provide workers who supervise others with the essential knowledge and skills required to apply good health and safety standards and practices within their workforce. The Supervisor Passport will only be issued to people in possession of a valid ECITB International Health & Safety Passport Advanced course.

Renewal course (1 day)– part of the success of the ECITB Safety Passport system is the requirement for each passport holder to renew their passport after three years. The ‘Renewal’ course is a one day training course that will update and refresh workers with all the main subjects dealt with in the ECITB International Health & Safety Passports Advanced course.


Successful candidates will be issued a photographic passport transferable worldwide.

ECITB Trainer & Coaching Skills

Held over one day, this ECITB accredited workshop aims to enable learners to recognise when coaching an individual is appropriate and to develop and deliver a coaching programme. During the day the following content will be addressed:

Being a coach – telling and asking.
Creating a coaching environment.
The coaching conversation.
Creating open-ended questions.
Paradigm (pattern) shifts.
Context for coaching.
Context around roles: manager vs coach.
Coaching toolkit: listening.
Coaching toolkit: filters.
Coaching toolkit: questioning.
Coaching toolkit: acknowledging.
Coaching toolkit: why coaching works.
Coaching toolkit: challenges to implementing coaching.
Coaching toolkit: practice session.

Other Courses

  • Accident Investigation Training
  • Appraisal Skills
  • Being Mentored
  • Branding & Information Design
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Coaching & Mentoring Skills
  • Coaching (life, business and safety)
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Care Training
  • ECITB Root Cause Analysis Training (COMET)
  • ECITB Supervisor Training
  • Graduate Business Skills
  • Leadership & Management Development (Branded Management Academies)
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Incident Command Training
  • Incident Identification & Reporting
  • Interviewing Skill

  • IOSH Safety for Senior Executives
  • IOSH Managing Safely
  • IOSH Working Safely
  • Meetings & Tool Box Talks
  • Mentoring in a High Performance Culture
  • Offshore Coaching
  • Fast-track Presentation Skills
  • Project Management Development
  • Psychometrics
  • Practical Trainer & Coaching Skills
  • Process Engineering
  • Recruitment and Interviewing Skills
  • Risk & Hazard Management
  • Senior Execs Safety Workshop
  • Stress Management
  • Team Builds & Corporate Seminars
  • Technical Writing Skills
  • Time Management Training